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Watch KBC Jennifer Onie Lucien on Hot Seat-- Episode 13 -- KBC 2011

[postlink] http://iloveurvideos.blogspot.com/2011/09/watch-kbc-jennifer-onie-lucien-on-hot.html[/postlink]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKx1S3ppBU0endofvid [starttext]A struggling cinematographer, Jennifer Onie Lucien reaches the Hot Seat. She sets her minimum guaranteed amount at Rs.1,60,000. She uses her 1st lifeline, Audience Poll on her 4th question and audience is again right. She uses two more lifelines, Phone-O-Friend and Expert Advice on her 6th question and gets through. She reaches her minimum guaranteed amount of Rs.1,60,000 and on her 7th question she uses her last lifeline, Double Dip, and manages to win Rs.3,20,000. Playing beautifully, Jennifer Onie Lucien wins Rs.6,40,000 and on her 9th question she quits without taking any further risk and takes home an amount of Rs.6,40,000.
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